5 reasons why your children will love living in gated community

Top reasons your children will love living in a Gated Community

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Large self-sufficient residential enclosures within walls and fences, strictly controlled entrances offering multiple utilities that aid an enjoyable contemporary urban lifestyle are popularly known as gated communities. Once limited to defense and large government establishments, a more urbanized version filled with amenities has become one of the most sought-after residential formats for people in big cities like Hyderabad!

When home buyers, especially children, are seeking the old charm of community living with best-in-class amenities in a safe and secure environment, many real estate developers like Nestcon have created gated community residential complexes!

Here are our top 5 reasons why your children will love living in a gated community:

  1. Safe & secure spaces: Secure and well-guarded homes & surroundings, with monitored traffic and inflow of guests with manual & electronic surveillance, allow children of all ages the freedom and flexibility to be themselves without any fear.
  2. Amenities & Facilities: Modern gated community apartments have a host of monitored facilities for various age groups like parks, libraries, clubhouses, play areas, swimming pools, tennis, cricket, football, and other arenas with coaching facilities. The convenience of having these facilities within your community helps children of all ages pursue their hobbies and passion with minimum supervision, besides keeping them away from the stress of travel & expenses for external coaching facilities, much to their parents’ happiness!
  3. Sense of Belonging: Staying in gated community residential complexes like Nestcon’s Chintala Residency, a beautifully landscaped Luxury Gated Community for sustainable living in West Venkatapuram, Alwal, gives the kids of today’s generation who are predominantly from nuclear families a sense of community and belonging! Living in a diverse society with many cultures and subcultures, celebrating festivals and other occasions in a country like ours, results in the residents socializing with each other, which leads to familiarity and trust. Kids follow suit interacting and bonding with their peers, which is essential for developing their societal & interpersonal skills leading to developing qualities like respect, kindness, and equality, key for their emotional and mental growth.
  4. Spacious Outdoors: Children love the joy of playing in large green open spaces. With tiny playing areas and open spaces in cities, most of the children end up spending time in front of the screens: TV, gaming, or mobiles, badly influencing their mental and physical health. Thankfully, the gated community homes of Nestcon’s Chintala Residency in Alwal, Secunderabad, are designed with landscaped gardens and play areas offering a healthy & hygienic environment for children.
  1. Landscaped Green Property: Large open spaces and scarce, controlled traffic will result in significantly lower noise & air pollution. Designed with a strong focus on sustenance through rainwater harvesting, energy efficiency courtesy solar power, and eco-friendly materials to create active & happy surroundings critical for kids and their parents alike.

Built with the idea of developing future communities, gated community residential complexes like Nestcon’s Chintala Residency are an excellent investment, given they tick all the right boxes when it comes to your checklist of zeroing in on your dream home! Look no further; invest in a gated community today!