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Carved a niche among real estate companies in Bengaluru

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A Renowned name in Hyderabad’s real estate

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Our inspiration comes from a bird’s nest that is in perfect harmony with nature.


Innovative homes to complex commercial infrastructure.


Every moment in life when you are living in a Nestcon home.

Nestcon - Real Estate Developers in Telangana & Karnataka

Established in 1997, Nestcon group of companies (Nestcon Builders and Nestcon Shelters) have spread their wings over the residential and commercial real estate developments in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Today, Nestcon is one of the renowned real estate companies in Hyderabad & Bengaluru. Nestcon draws inspiration from a bird’s nest as birds are highly competent in building a home for themselves without tampering with nature’s harmony.

Looking for a home in Hyderabad/Bengaluru?

Nestle down at the perfect home

We believe that our success is measured by several quality moments experienced by our customers; their brand advocacy is the reflection of what we are today. We try harder every day to surpass our standards and the results speak for themselves.


Nestcon’s Chintala Residency is a gem delivered by Team Nestcon. Though they were relatively new to us when we offered our property for development, After seeing their meticulous planning, using good quality materials, we knew that our property was in the best of hands.

What made them stand apart was their attention to detail and prompt action in resolving even the smallest of things brought to their notice. The aspect that made them exceptional from their competitors was that they completed the project on time despite going through 2 COVID lockdowns. What’s more, the price realization of the property is far higher than that offered by the market.

We thank the team for delivering such a wonderful project and their incredible service and dedication. We appreciate Nestcon’s management for their efficiency, straightforwardness, and politeness, for they go above and beyond what they agreed to do on many occasions. They delivered more than what they promised. We strongly recommend Nestcon to the land owners who are on the lookout for a good developer.

Praveen Reddy, Nestcon's Chintala Residency [email protected], +91 80190 19999

Rajender Kumar Mahajan

K Venkata Krishnaiah

Customers Review
While on the look out for a property in and around Alwal, we came across Nestcon’s Chintala Residency. We had alredy done a lot of research because choosing a forever home is a very important decision to take. After witnessing the dedication to the project, the professionalism of the sales and service personnel as we toured the site, the look and quality of the materials, Chintala Residency was an easy choice. Moreover, we also came to know of their promptness in delivering their previous projects and we were rest assured.
Anantha Vijayalaxmi, Nestcon's Chintala Residency PGT Mathematics, Army Public School
“Right from stage one, Nestcon was pretty clear and reliable. Their friendly approach and courteous professionals took the stress out of us. They are one of those rare companies who promise what they can deliver and deliver what they promise.”
N.S.S.R. Murthy, Metro Residency Staff Engineer, Microsemi SoC
“Boutique and most approachable builder with atmost strait forwardness, sponsors of nestcon amazed us with their compassion to work and time lines of delivery. They did not let us feel the Distance and pausity of time for delivery and transfer of property”
Mahen Pipalwa Nestcon Gayathri


Mrs&Mr MS Ahmed Ali

Vivekanand tatineeni

Kishore Kumar

Sanjay Reddy

K Praveen Kumar

Nestcon's Support for Construction Workforce During  Covid-19 Crisis

Contact Info

+91-40 2779 2325
+91-966 6123 463
Registered Office
Surya Enclave Rd No. 3,
Ward No 7 Tirumalagiri,
Secunderabad, Telangana 500015

    Creating quality urban lifestyles Building stronger communities



    Timely Delivery
    Timely Delivery

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    No Cutting Corners



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