Must-Have Amenities in Residential Projects / Apartments

Must-Have Amenities in Residential Projects / Apartments

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The very notion of dream homes has changed drastically over the years, and one of the key reasons is the changing consumers’ demands. Dream home, until not very long ago, meant acquiring a plot of land and getting an independent house built.

While this continues, for a vast majority of today’s homebuyers, a dream home is nothing less than a luxurious 2/3 BHK apartment in a skyscraper within a gated community with all the possible amenities and facilities.

Apartment amenities have become one of the key differentiators for real estate companies and home buyers alike. Depending on their family construct and lifestyle, homebuyers are looking for the best amenities in residential projects.

With all sorts of offerings from real estate companies, zeroing in on a list of the right apartment amenities might become a bit overbearing if you are a first-time homebuyer.

Let us take you through what we believe can be a checklist for the

top 10 must-have amenities

for you to shortlist a residential project. It will also help you avoid the disappointment of compromising with the amenities that you always wanted. Here is a list of must-have amenities you should possibly not compromise on:

  1. Water supply

A basic necessity, water scarcity is becoming more and more challenging in metropolitan cities, and the situation in Hyderabad is no different. One of the first building amenities to tick off is the availability of a 24/7 water supply in the property. It’s advisable to check the water supply in the vicinity to give you a good idea. You could also take extra care to check the quality of water received.

  1. Power backup

Even in a big city like Hyderabad, occasional power outages due to power supply, natural calamities, or maintenance are unavoidable. Considering the current pandemic scenario when most people are still working from their homes, a proper and uninterrupted power supply becomes essential. It’s advisable to double-check your apartment amenities checklist to ensure good power backup provisions.

  1. Security services

Next in the list of best amenities in residential projects, today’s apartments come with multiple layers of security cover. From the round, the clock security guards to CCTV cameras & automated security devices help keep the property safe. A gated community is fortified with a well-lit compound wall. Mobile apps like Mygate further help both the security teams and the residents keep a check on the entry/exit of people from outside. Using the app, residents can alert family members, neighbors, and security guards in an emergency.

  1. Recreational facilities

Whether it’s at the beginning of the day or right after a hectic schedule at work, recreational facilities like walking/jogging tracks, kids play area, gymnasiums, swimming pool, toddler pools, basketball, tennis courts help you, and your family members get rejuvenated. Taking a break from the mundane routines without having to step out of your apartment is desirable from time to time.

  1. Greenery and Ventilation

In a populated country like ours, especially in a big city like Hyderabad, after a hectic day at work through the city’s din and bustle and noise and pollution, you would want to come back to a place that calms you down with its greenery & landscaped surroundings. Ventilation, good airflow, and ample natural light while at home are equally important too!

  1. Lifts

Another must-have amenity, especially in a high-rise apartment – lifts. Apartments with more than 3 floors come with more than one lift and a separate service lift that is useful for transporting essentials and household goods when moving in and during medical emergencies for carrying people in stretchers. Please check to ensure that lifts have power backup.

  1. Parking space

Another one of those apartment amenities in the homebuyers’ lists of basic requirements is your own parking space. Even with a sound public transport system, having a private vehicle for work and leisure has become hygiene. Hence while finalizing a prospective project, do check the plans to ensure the availability of parking spaces. If an under-construction project, do visit in person to understand the layout. It’s ideal to have properties with parking in the basement or at least covered stilt parking.

  1. Medical Store, Diagnostic Centre, Grocery Store & ATM

Featuring high on the list of modern amenities in apartments, especially in the post-pandemic world, a medical store, a diagnostic center, a grocery store, and one or more ATMs. Check for these provisions while exploring projects where construction has just begun. Also, look at previous similar projects of the builder to get an idea.

  1. Site and logistics maintenance

The list of top apartment amenities is not complete without a proper system of on-site and logistics maintenance. Services such as plumbing, electrician, domestic help, etc., should be a call away. Without them, especially in the initial days of shifting to a new place, it might get quite taxing to return to normalcy otherwise.

  1. Waste disposal

Apartment amenities like waste disposal processes and facilities are often overlooked. In today’s day and age, where the world is acknowledging the importance of waste segregation and disposal, it would be wise to check on the methods followed in the properties you are looking to shortlist.

While they are a part of a checklist of best and must-have amenities in residential projects, having these basic apartment amenities can go a long way in ensuring your home-owning & living experience is a truly memorable one.

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