The Scientific Reasoning Behind Top Vaastu Solutions

The Scientific Reasoning Behind Top Vaastu Solutions

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Why indians prefer vastu compliant homes

According to Vaastu or Vastu Shastra, all elements in the universe carry with them different energy levels. Similarly, every building or plot is accorded with a pulse of energy. It constitutes both positive and negative energies. The aim of Vaastu Shastra is to reduce the negative energy and increase the positive energy.

Derived from ancient Indian studies, Vaastu Shastra observed how our lives were affected by the Sun and Moon, besides five key elements of water, fire, space, earth and air. Our ancestors were also aware of the fact that these cosmic energies could impact our lives in ways that are difficult to explain even now. Vastu Shastra takes into account how directions, astronomy and astrology influence architecture.

It is said that this ancient Indian science plays a role in determining our career, finances, health and general welfare. In the same way, it affects our homes and, thus, our lives. Eventually, a vastu compliant home is a happy home.

How directions of elements affect humans

As has been mentioned Vastu Shastra ensures that the balance of all the five key elements is necessary for our healthy lifestyle. Each of these elements has a direction that regulates it.

According to Vastu Shastra, our planet earth is said to provide a steadying factor and governs the centre and diagonal directions in all corners. Air, meanwhile, is responsible for the joy and pleasure in our lives and governs the East. Space, which represents the intellectual energy, governs the West. Fire signifies finances and success and governs the South. Finally, water stands for good health by combating illnesses. It governs the North.

Vastu’s suggestions for homeowners

After occupying a home, it is suggested that the main entrance that allows all energies inside be kept clean and tidy for attracting prosperity. Water tanks or other bodies containing water, like aquariums, must be placed in a house’s north-eastern part, which represents the source of constructive energy. People should ensure that all washbasins, taps or faucets are functioning well.

It is essential that the house is constructed to allow for cross ventilation so that the residents of the house enjoy prosperity.

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