Advantages of choosing a ready-to-move flat.

Ready-to-move homes come in various forms, such as 2, 3, and 4 BHK flats or villas. These are properties that have already been constructed and are awaiting people to occupy them immediately.

These types of properties have gained in popularity in the last few years in India, particularly in its metro cities, where the demand for homes has been increasing exponentially.

One of the primary reasons such properties became attractive propositions is that they eliminate the lengthy wait usually required for under-construction homes.

In addition, you are allowed to examine the property before you purchase it, lowering the risk of your doubts about the decision in the future.

Most of the ready-to-move properties are located in established neighborhoods of cities, where the infrastructure is superior and amenities, such as educational institutions, shopping centers, bus stops, railway stations, and nursing homes, are accessible. In the bargain, you can save time and money you would otherwise spend to travel to access these facilities.

Benefits of buying a ready-to-move flat

The major benefits of buying ready-to-move apartments or homes are as follows.

Waiting period not required.

Once you have purchased a ready-to-move flat, you can move immediately into it, as it has already been constructed and does not need any waiting period.

Reduced risks

With an under-construction property, you must be prepared for construction delays. Furthermore, you may get a property unlike the one that you were promised when it was being envisaged. In a ready-to-move property, you will get what you see.

Superior infrastructure

Most ready-to-move apartments or homes are usually located in already developed areas where the infrastructure will be superior with accessibility to all the basic amenities. Thus, you will not need to spend time commuting long distances to access them.

No extra charges

If you buy a property that is under construction, you may need to pay additional maintenance charges. You would not need to do so with a ready-to-move property because there are no hidden charges. You only need to pay a fixed amount to move into it.

No variable expenditure

The prices of properties that are under construction can oscillate, as they are based on how the construction is progressing and the varying market conditions. You would not have to face these risks while buying a ready-to-move flat where the price is stable and would not include any overheads.

Improved loan options

Loans are easier for you to obtain from banks and NBFCs which find ready-to-move properties less risky when compared to their under-construction counterparts.

Immediate renting options

You can let out a ready-to-move flat soon after buying it and earn returns on it immediately.

Increased resale price

Owners of ready-to-move flats or apartments can sell them at higher prices, unlike holders of under-construction properties. This is because buyers are more likely to buy homes that are ready to occupy immediately.

Lesser anxiety

You will not face many hurdles while buying a ready-to-move flat, as you are completely aware of what you will own.

You also have to invest a considerable amount of time when you have invested in an under-construction flat. It is not so with a ready-to-move flat because it is ready. Moreover, you can buy a new ready-to-move flat in a city where you have recently shifted to by initiating the purchasing process immediately.


Although buying a ready-to-occupy flat has plenty of benefits, as mentioned above, you need to put in a lot of thought and effort before you opt for it.

For instance, you need to consider your current financial situation, what the future could hold for you, and your way of life.

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