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Welcome to Nestcon Group of Companies

Established in 1997, Nestcon group of companies (Nestcon Builders and Nestcon Shelters) have spread their wings on development of residential and commercial buildings in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Today, Nestcon is one of the renowned real estate companies in Hyderabad & Bengaluru. Nestcon draws inspiration from a bird’s nest as birds are highly competent in building a home for themselves without tampering nature’s harmony. Creation in harmony with nature is our motto.

Anchored by loyal employees, guided by our corporate philosophy and grounded by strong domain expertise, we have built ourselves an impeccable reputation in a short span of 20 years.

We never failed in our commitments because we believe schedules and budgets are meant to be kept and practised. For us, our corporate philosophy and commitments are as important as the bottom line and we strive to achieve them in every sphere of our business.

We believe our success is measured by multiple quality moments experienced by our customers; their brand advocacy is the reflection of what we are today. Every day, we try harder to surpass our own standards and the results speak for us.

Corporate Philosophy


To be recognized as a creator of futuristic residential and commercial spaces with a passion to excel and dedication to enhance customer experience. To contribute significantly to the growth of a new and vibrant India through the spaces within specified time frames.


To create fine living and commercial spaces by adopting latest technologies, innovative concepts, designs and professional integrity, coupled with up-gradation of knowledge and employee skills, thereby exceeding customer expectations every time.

Our commitment is primarily towards our customers, partners and community, who are the reason for our existence. We are committed to creating residential and commercial spaces that are the best in both the worlds & yet affordable.

  Yes to Technology 
We say yes to technology to transform residential real estate properties. We commit to use technology creatively and ethically in a way that the modern living spaces we create have exceptional indoor air quality, effective waste management, power consumption, temperature control, environmental friendliness and much more.

We constantly upgrade our knowledge on the latest happenings and the skills of our employees in the world of realty. Continuous updating of our knowledge and competence gives us a competitive edge, growth and sustainability.

Distinctly Different

Today, we have the ability to excel in every aspect of construction and our financial strength ensures hassle-free transition from ground breaking to inauguration of every project, with documented warranty and legal compliance.

What we do?

90% Apartments or flats or Villas
20% Commercial Complexes
70% General Contracting
90% Construction Management
90% Design and Build
55% Interior Designing
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